[JMP-news] New Employee, Command UI, JMP SIM Card, Multi-account Billing

singpolyma denver at soprani.ca
Tue Aug 23 18:54:11 UTC 2022

Hi everyone!

Welcome to the latest edition of your pseudo-monthly https://jmp.chat 

In case it's been a while since you checked out JMP, here's a refresher: JMP 
lets you send and receive text and picture messages (and calls) through a 
real phone number right from your computer, tablet, phone, or anything else 
that has a Jabber client.  Among other things, JMP has these features: Your 
phone number on every device; Multiple phone numbers, one app; Free as in 
Freedom; Share one number with multiple people.

This month sees the addition of a new member to the team, you will see him 
in the chat as seki.  Seki joins us as a software developer and general team 
member, be sure to say hi!

Cheogram Android 2.10.9-1 
(https://git.singpolyma.net/cheogram-android/refs/2.10.9-1) has been 
released.  This release includes a major new feature: the Command UI.  The 
best place to see this feature is when talking to the bot at 
[cheogram.com](xmpp:cheogram.com).  You will see a new tab labelled 
"Commands" that lets you interact with the bot using a nice UI instead of by 
sending specially-formatted chats.  This release also includes several fixes 
to URI display and copying, and is based on Conversations 2.10.9 upstream.  
We have added a long-press menu on the list of all active conversations to 
perform quick actions (such as "pin to top"), added support for muting 
yourself from the dialler integration, changed the ringback sound to be more 
familiar to USA and Canada users, and various other small bugfixes.

JMP is actively working on providing cost-effective data-only eSIMs and SIM 
cards (https://jmp.chat/sim) for users.  Pricing is not yet final, and there 
is some work to do before this is ready for the general public, but if you 
are interested please sign up for the wait list at the link above.  Our 
first launch will be with USA and Canada coverage, but other areas are 
possible in the future if there is interest.

This month we are also pleased to announce the launch of multi-account 
billing.  This feature allows customers to have one account be billed for 
all their JMP accounts, or those of their family.  To get started with this, 
please contact support (https://jmp.chat/faq#support) and indicate the 
accounts that you want linked together.

To learn what's happening with JMP between newsletters, here are some ways 
you can find out:

* The chatroom (xmpp:discuss at conference.soprani.ca?join) remains the heart of the community.  You can also join from your web browser: https://anonymous.cheogram.com/discuss@conference.soprani.ca or from Matrix: https://matrix.to/#/#_bifrost_discuss_conference.soprani.ca:aria-net.org
* The blog (https://blog.jmp.chat), where you may be reading this. Can also be followed in a client like Movim: https://blog.jmp.chat/b/subscribe-using-movim
* The Lemmy Community: https://lemmy.ml/c/sopranica
* The Subreddit: https://reddit.com/r/sopranica
* On Twitter: https://twitter.com/JMP_chat

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful rest of your week!

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